About us:

Over the last two decades, the Kurdistan Region in Iraq has been undergoing profound changes in various social, political, economic and cultural aspects. As a step towards a more effective contribution to the planning agenda of Kurdistan and its systemic development in the coming years, we, a group of Kurdish scholars and intellectuals, have created a think tank- an institute under the naming of Institute for Research and Development-Kurdistan (IRDK). We aim to be an organisation, independent of political parties and influence that would focus upon analysing local, transnational and international affairs. During the establishment process of the institute, think tanks around the world have been reviewed and studied to see how this project is structured and operates, as special attention has been paid to the academic programmes, financial procedures, research publishing, findings and dissemination, mechanisms of fundraising, policy analysis and forms of giving advice. For the time being, the main objective of the Institute is to provide Kurdish policymakers with scientific analysis of internal, regional and international politics. The institute will also be active in conducting research on the various social and cultural dimensions of the society in Kurdistan. 
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