Practical Development Policy Proposal

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Multi-dimensional crisis in Kurdistan region makes it pivotal more than ever to address the development policy of KRG. Among all crisis economic crisis play a determinant role. Even if we do not have control over many things, we still do have control over our conduct within the Kurdistan region’s economy. A strong Kurdistan region is dependent foremost on how we manage the economic life of ours. This will determine how we will better manage the financial issues as well as how strong we will be in negotiations with the central government and most importantly how our relationship with our international partners will develop. In short realization of a strong Kurdistan region will depend on how well we will create a dynamic and active economic life on the ground.


On Development Policy


Development policy or industrial policy which both aim to explain the role of government within the economy. The dominant discourse since the 1980s within the development policies specifically for the developing economies is called the Washington Consensus (emphasizes on, macroeconomic discipline (particularly fiscal), establishment of market economy and openness to world economy (at least with respect to trade and FDI).

This discourse has constituted the bases of international institutions approach to development policies within the developing economies. Washington Consensus is the international feature of the new- liberal privatization policies which, were recommended to the developing economies. The content of this policy is trade liberalization and austerity policies in the domestic economy. In the beginning, the proposal contained eight points, but later on, it became lengthier.

It is useful to divide different development proposals into two categories first, the presumptive policies and second diagnostic policies. The presumptive approaches do presume in advance, that certain actions will result in specific results. But within the second category, we do not guess anything in advance.

 Here we work on the ground diagnostically to understand and discover, what we have? what are our capabilities? How should we do it? As well as who should do what? Washington consensus approach, like many other presumptive approaches, has not produced sustainable progress. After various experiences of different countries such as East Asian tigers, both the right and the left have accepted that /one size for all countries policies/doesn’t work and each nation has to discover its own development strategy. Based on this reasoning the current proposal has been prepared.

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Thursday 28 December 2017